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Repair and installation for homes and businesses throughout South Jersey.

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Hart’s Garage Doors in Berlin Township, New Jersey

Offers high-quality garage doors and garage door openers for homes and businesses throughout South Jersey. As a fully insured garage door installation and service company, we offer affordable prices. Each garage door we sell and install comes with a lifetime warranty, and we offer commercial and residential emergency repair services.



At Harts Garage Doors we repair all types of garage doors, openers, commercial, and residential.

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Name Brand Products

Hart’s Garage Doors offers products from General Doors™. Choose from a variety of General’s products that include a number of attractive door styles for your home or business. 

At Hart’s Garage Doors, we make sure you are happy with the work you receive. We have been in business for more than 20 years, and our technicians have more than 30 years of experience.

Experienced Professionals & Exceptional Service

Our carpenters have a lot of construction expertise. This means we are able to convert your two-car garage to a one-car garage or transform your one-car garage into a two-car garage. Our customer service is excellent. We take care of your needs promptly and efficiently, often within a few hours of your call.

In our 25 years’ of experience in garage doors, we find that homeowners will use their garage doors more than their front door. So if you fall into that category the best door you should buy is a sandwich door since this type of door will give you better performance because of it steel back.

Insulated garage doors will pay for themselves in the long run .These types of doors will keep your house warmer in the winter and cooler in the summer. If you want to improve look of your existing doors for very little cost we can add a window section to your doors with different designs of glass. If you want to improve efficiency of your doors, we have an insulation kit that includes a heavy duty vinyl back. This kit is designed to insulate hollow garage doors.

So I hope this little article helps you to understand, the types of garage doors you can choose from . Also what you can do with you existing doors by adding window section ,and insulation.